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Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panels (804A/21)


Subject: Freedom of Information request into Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panels

1. Whether there is a scrutiny panel in existence in your area, and whether this is active.

And if there is an active scrutiny panel in your area:

2. Who attends the panel on a regular basis.

3. What the outcomes of the panel are, and how they are shared with the police and public.


  1. Yes, West Midlands Police has active OOCD Scrutiny Panels.

2. The TOR for the panel include Magistrates (one of whom Chairs the meeting), CPS, YOS, OPCC and Community volunteers (including voluntary sector, students and academics on Criminal Justice courses and members of the general public).

During the pandemic the meetings have continued but been held over Skype. Membership was reduced to CJ professionals (Magistrates, CPS, YOS, OPCC) due to the need to share sensitive documents electronically, however the original membership will be reinstated once face to face meetings become safe and viable again.

3. The panels hold a feedback session with senior force management and the OPCC where their findings are presented.

Findings are also fed back to the relevant Force Department and where necessary are used to improve or change policies or processes.


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