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Operational Policing (354A/21)


  1. A force map outlining your local policing divisions?
  2. Map of each of your local policing divisions including beat boundaries?
  3. Does your force offer the fast track to inspector scheme?
  4. How often does your force run Constable to Sergeants boards?
  5. What internal equivalent schemes does your force offer for fast promotion to senior ranks to substantive PCs?
  6. What support do you provide to officers who are autistic and/or identify as LGBT?


1&2 – Under section 21 of the Act, we are not required to provide information in response to a request if it is already reasonably accessible to you. The information you requested is available on the West Midlands Police website at the following link by selecting ‘Map of the West Midlands Police Area’:

Additionally, for more detailed maps see

3. Yes

4. Twice per year

5. None

6. We offer support through individual staffing networks and offer reasonable adjustments (where required) to the working environment and during recruitment.


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