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Officers & Staff With Criminal Convictions (919A/22)


Please provide the number of officers and staff working for your force who have a criminal record. 

If possible please provide a breakdown by number of the type of offence.


Following receipt of your request, a search of our Professional Standards system was conducted to identify Officers/Staff who have Taint Records – those who are still serving and are required to disclose previous criminal convictions throughout their service – the total number identified is 24 as follows:

Offence Total
Actual Bodily Harm 1
Assault 3
Breach Data Protection 1
Breach of Peace 1
Burglary/Criminal Damage 1
Careless Driving 1
Careless Driving/Using Mobile Phone 1
Death by careless/inconsiderate driving 1
Drink Drive 5
Drunk in charge of motor vehicle 1
Fraud 2
Harassment 1
Having a dog out of control 1
Possess Class B 1
Public Order 2
Violent Disorder 1
Grand Total 24*

* Correct as at 07 September 2022


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