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Officer Convictions (965A/22)


Please could I have a document of the number of currently serving officers, specials, staff and PCSOs with a criminal record? With it, I would like the offence or crime committed, the date of the crime committed and if there were any disciplinary proceedings. If there were disciplinary proceedings, what action was taken?



Please find attached our response.  Please note, in relation to the date of the offence this information has not provided as it would be exempt by virtue of S40 Personal Information.

Following receipt of your request, a search of our Professional Standards system was conducted to identify Officers/Staff who have Taint Records – those who are still serving and are required to disclose previous criminal convictions throughout their service, please see attached for further information.

We trust the information above to be a full and complete picture. However, the only way to be certain would be to conduct a search of PNC against every employee and such a search would exceed the appropriate limit (FOIA, s.12).