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Officer concern programme (1030A/21)


Does the force have an ‘Officer of Concern’ programme?

If so, how does the force’s ‘Officer of Concern’ programme work? How many complaints are required before an officer is placed on the programme and over what period of time? Are the complaints required to be external (made by the public or another organisation) or internal or can they be both?

If not, what alternative does the force use? Please provide the below responses for the force’s alternative.

2/ How many officers were recognised as an ‘Officer of Concern’ for each of the last five years, including 2020? Please provide a breakdown for the reason(s) officers were placed on the programme (e.g. use of force, sexual misconduct)

3/ How many officers were placed on an ‘Officer of Concern’ programme specifically over concerns about their use of force in that same period and what was the highest number of independent use of force complaints associated with an officer on the programme?
4/ What is the highest number of complaints faced by an officer recognised as an ‘Officer of Concern’ in the same period (from 2016 to the end of 2020)?

5/ How many officers were subsequently dismissed after being placed on the ‘Officer of Concern’ programme in the same period (from 2016 to the end of 2020)? Please break this down per year


‘West Midlands Police do not have an officer of concern programme’. Where a complaint or conduct matter is raised, previous allegations may be reviewed to identify any pattern of behaviour or underperformance, to allow for appropriate intervention.


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