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Misfuel of Police vehicles (136A/22)


Q1) For each of the last five calendar years (2017 – 2021) can you please share how many instances there were of police vehicles having the incorrect fuel put in them by staff.

Q2) Can you please supply the cost to the force of rectifying the misfuelling/repairing the vehicle. Please give the total cost for each calendar year from 2017 to 2021.

Q3) Can you please advise of any special measures your force has implemented to prevent these mistakes happening in future. For instance, have police staff been put on training courses or have the vehicles been modified in any way to stop this occurring in future. Please describe the steps taken and also the cost implication of these measures.

Q4) For each other last five years can you please advise how many instances there have been of police vehicles breaking down as a result of running out of fuel. Please provide figures for each year.  


Q1: The total of miss-fuels over the past 5 years total 51.

Total for 2017 = 9

Total for 2018 = 24

Total for 2019 =8

Total for 2020 = 6

Total for 2021 = 4.

Q2: The total cost to repair the miss-fuel for past 5 years total £10,464,.60.

Total for 2017 = £1,491.67

Total for 2018 = £5,203.76

Total for 2019 = £1,558.67

Total for 2020 = £1,479.86

Total for 2021 = £730.64 .


Q3: Fuel stickers placed on filler flaps (Petrol or Diesel). This is part of the vehicle build specification.

Q4:  We do not record the information.  Information not held.


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