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LGBT+ Merchandise (1346A/22)


  1. How much has the force spent on LGBT Pride-style / rainbow paint jobs on vehicles from January 1 2017 to present day? Can the figures be broken down by year?
  2. How many vehicles have received the paint jobs in that time?
  3. And of these, what are the vehicles – patrol cars, motorcycles etc?
  4. Also, can you please tell me the total amount of money spent on any other kind of Pride livery from January 1 2017 to present day?
  5. And what were the items, epaulettes, polo shirts, etc?
  6. And how were these funded – did they come out of the force’s budget?


In relation to questions 1 – 3, please be advised that we have recently responded to these and have published this on our disclosure log at the link below.

LGBT+ Merchandise (1120A/22) – Freedom of Information – West Midlands Police (

In relation to questions 4 – 6, the Diversity & Inclusion code has only been on the ledger since 19/20, so we are unable to identify costs prior to this. The amounts below cover the non-pay costs.

FY 19/20 – £153.72 – includes materials for sculptures, face paint and temporary tattoos

FY 20/21 – £85.75 – includes flags and art materials

FY 21/22 – £763.00 – includes t-shirts and a Flag for Lloyd House

FY 22/23 – £24.17 – flower garlands

This has been funded from the main budget.


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