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electric fleet cars (1543A/21)


1- How many motor vehicles are owned by the force as of September 2021.

2- How many electric motor vehicles are owned by the force as of September 2021 (both as a figure and a percentage).

3- Does the force have plans to increase the number of electric vehicles it operates? If so, please provide an outline of these plans. This could be in the form of target numbers of electric vehicles by a certain year, for example.


Please find enclosed our response.

The electric Fleet stands at 32 (contract lease) vehicles out of 1404 vehicles so, 2.2% of the Fleet is electric. This will increase as we have 5 electric vans on order and are due for delivery in December along with 32 electric Corsa-E to replace the Nissan Leaf.

The Force and Fleet have plans to increase the size of the electric vehicles on the Fleet. West Midlands Police are working on the Infrastructure at all the Force’s Estate to determine what is required to add charging points. All re-furbished and new builds will automatically have charge points added as part of the build. Electric vehicles will not cover all the vehicle roles with in the Policing model so Fleet have identified which roles we can move to Electric vehicles. These roles are Plain LPU, Neighbourhood and Despatch Vans. Once Fleet receive the finds of the Estates review it is planned to purchase up to 90 new vehicles per year.


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