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Digital Forensics (371A/23)


Can you please tell me when you started using each of the following Digital Forensic processes and forms DPNa, DPNb and DPNc? The date will be fine for this.

Can you include a blank copy of each of these forms? Some forces may customise them.

Can you include any information notices given to victims, witnesses and or suspects in regards to these forms?

Can you please supply (if possible) any appropriately redacted officer guidance for completing and or submitting these types of forms to the unit dealing with them? There has been some basic national guidance published online by the Government, however you as a force might have produced a supplementary document to support the completion of forms DPNa, DPNb and DPNc by Police Officer’s and Police Staff.

To assist you here is something PSNI have published:


Please find attached our response.