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Digital Evidence Examination (1424A/21)


Within the NPCC’s Digital Forensic Science Strategy 2020, the Transforming Forensics Programme identified a backlog of digital evidence examination as the first challenge that the field faces in recent years.

How many pieces of digital evidence are currently awaiting examination and how long would you estimate the backlog to be cleared?

Of the 3 core challenges outlined within this strategy (Volume of devices, Complexity of investigations and the Legitimacy of evidence) does your force consider the volume of devices for examination the most significant factor in the establishment of evidence backlog?

Alternatively do other factors such as staff shortages, labour costs and training deficits play a more significant role?

What impact has a backlog had on investigation and what measures are being taken to prevent a backlog from impacting prosecution rates?

How many cases have been dropped due to a lack of readily available digital evidence?


Please find attached our response.