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Detectives (1338A/22)


I would like to establish the following:

(1) The structure of your detective departments, and the specific detective specialisms within your force (i.e. identifying the specific departments, such as CID, Rape and Serious Sexual Offences teams, Child-Protection units, Surveillance, Organised Crime and so forth).

(2) The remit of each of these units.

(3) The logistical structure of your detective departments, including whether they are, for example, regionally based, local to each police station, or centralized.

(4) How detectives are recruited within each (i.e. internally by recruiting uniformed constables, graduate recruitment, or externally via organisations such as Police Now).


Q1-3) See attached table

Q4) All detective roles are recruited in the same way irrespective of role, with options including Internal recruitment from across the force by way of departmental adverts and internal posting of Students. In terms of External recruitment, we will also sometimes run adverts to attract detectives from other forces for specific roles or areas.

We currently recruit students on both Police Now Detective Scheme and a specific Detective based student scheme (DC DHEP) which work towards students becoming detectives. The force also runs a Detective Academy programme aimed at recruiting new detectives in a structured manner, with the individuals who undertake that programme then preferencing for areas of work on completion.