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De-escalation Training (1234A/22)


Please could you tell me how often your police officers attend de-escalation training and how often this training is offered and reviewed.

For example do your officers receive de-escalation training during initial police training and then on an annual basis.

I would also like to know, if possible, how many of your officers haven’t received any de-escalation training in the past 12 months, including senior officers


De-escalation training is included in the physical safety training. This is mandatory training delivered to officers every 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on role and level of interaction with the public. It is currently undergoing a review to change to all officers, regardless of role, will receive two days training every 12 months. The training is constantly reviewed alongside the national requirements.

All officers receive 10 days physical safety training when they join the force. Some police staff will receive the training, but again this is role dependant.

Figures are currently being reviewed, but we estimate approximately 1100 officers have not received their physical safety training within the last 12 months.


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