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Dangerous Dogs – Armed Response (782A/22)


a) I wish to find out how many times armed officers have been dispatched to respond to reports of dangerous dogs over the last five years.

Please provide a number for each of the years below.





2022 – to date

b) If possible, please state a brief summary of the incident and what happened to the dog.

c) If possible, please state what breed of dog/s was involved.

d) If possible, please state the amount of money spent sending armed response teams to the incidents involving dangerous dogs.


a) 2018 – 2

2019 – 2

2020 – 0

2021 – 3

2022 – 0

b) The nearest recorded information we hold in relation to a ‘brief summary of the incident and what happened to the dog’, is the information contained within the Operation Notes. Please find copies of these attached (782A_22_attachment.pdf). Please note however, certain parts have been redacted since I consider that release of this detail would likely either allow for the identification of a person(s), interfere with an investigation, prejudice law enforcement or endanger the health and safety of individuals and is therefore exempt from disclosure under Sections 40 (Personal information), 30 (Investigations and proceedings), 31 (Law enforcement) and 38 (Health and Safety) of the Freedom of Information Act.

c) Where recorded, this is contained within the attached Operation Notes.

d) This information is not held.