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Commonwealth Games (998A/22)


1/ What was the total cost for all police officers to attend and be on scene throughout the event, naturally you won’t be able to answer this until the 9th August but that still fits within the time frame of the FOI Act.

2/ As there were officers from outside of Sandwell, can you confirm if the officers travelled back to their own force area, or did they stay in local hotels.

2a/ Can you confirm if the officers stayed in hotels what was the full cost and who paid for these costs.

3/ Can you confirm why armed Police were stationed at points some 400 yards from the entrance gates to this venue.

4/ Can you confirm if your presence was as a result of Sandwell MBC requests.

5/ What was the full cost of the fuel used by Police Officers in the vehicles they were using to get to and from the venue. This is for the total period of covering all the days of the games. Again you will not know this until the 9th August but it is still within the timeframe of the FOI Act.

6/ Can you confirm why electric buses were not used on the main road which is where the venue is rather than those that are not currently Euro 6 compliant.

7/ Can you confirm why residents of Sandwell never got letters or leaflets explaining what passes they needed to apply for. The reason I ask this is I had a white permit and was told I needed a blue permit even though from the check point my home is 1 mile from the venue location.

8, Can you confirm that if a vehicle is parked the other side of the road closure signs where there re no yellow or red lines, that they would have the right to do so or would your officers try to impose their powers even though I believe no offence would be committed.

9/ Have your force been informed if this commonwealth game will be a yearly event.


Please find attached our response.