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Category: Operational Policing, Investigations and Events

Body Worn Video and Facial Recognition (1017A/21)

1) Please confirm whether your force in the last 12 months has evaluated and/or trialled, or is in the process of evaluating and or/trialling, body worn video cameras with facial recognition technology. (To be clear, this means body cameras that have an additional capablity of being able to scan faces and notify police when a particular individual is recognised; it excludes current generation body cameras that are used solely to record interactions.)

Crime Logging System (1250A/21)

I am aware that West Midlands Police have been updating their crime logging IT systems over the last few months resulting in only very minimal crime figures being made available on the Police.UK web portal since March 2021 – and no indication as to when they will be available again.
I would like to know…
a) the overall cost of this IT upgrade