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Category: Finance and Procurement

ICT Contract (1579A/22)

I wish to submit to the organisation a freedom of information request relating to the organisation’s ICT contracts, specifically around:
1. contact centre contract(s)
2. inbound network services contract (s)

Cleaning Police Vehicles (244A/23)

This is an information request relating the cost of cleaning police cars due to passenger incidents.
Please include the following information for the 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22 financial years:
• How many incidents have been recorded of passengers (either those in custody, or being transported) soiling themselves or vomiting in police cars
• How much has been spent on cleaning incidents. If an exact figure can’t be provided I would also be happy with an estimate

Telephone Contract (119A/23)

Please can you send me the following contract information with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, other) for hardware and Software maintenance and support.