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Birmingham LPA Priorities (638A/23)


I note from Facebook that there are 4 top priorities set for the Birmingham LPA.

1) I’m curious to know what process was used for priority-setting in terms of any quantified survey work on public input (like the old ‘Feeling the Difference’ surveys from the 00’s) and thence what bodies (e.g. Police and Crime panel, WMPCCs office) were involved in shortlisting these. Can you please inform on the process used.

2) Can you inform me of how the priorities set will impact on resourcing – i.e. specific allocation of time across the 9,000 officers in the force to these priorities and what activities will be cut back as a result. (e.g. impacts on traffic policing).


We have interpreted this request to be referring to the following post on the West Midlands Police Facebook page:


Birmingham Police

April 4 at 11:01 AM

#LocalPolicing | Birmingham is one of seven Local Policing Areas (LPAs) that make up West Midlands Police.

Each LPA has its own priorities that your local teams focus on to help keep you safe. Our intelligence functions review these priorities regularly and update them based on intelligence and crime statistics.

Our priorities for this month are serious youth violence, gang tensions, vehicle theft and robbery.


The priorities are set (as stated) on crime levels and intelligence. There is not a survey of the public – although intelligence would include information passed to us from members of the community, as well as other sources.

The priorities would not drive a fundamental re-organisation of resources as implied in the question. What it does mean is that when any officer has to make any dynamic decision, when resources are outstripped by demand, we would prioritise against these four themes. We will always strive to meet all calls for service from the public, but we would aim to be proactive against these areas.


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