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Apps/Chatbots (895A/21)


  1. What apps or chatbots does your force use to communicate with the public?
  2. Can the app/chatbot be considered “smart” (obtaining natural language understanding, natural language generation and machine learning engines)?
  3. If you do not make use of “smart” technology, what is your reasoning behind this decision?
  4. Are these chatbots/apps used within third party applications or websites, such as Facebook?
  5. Which service providers develop, deliver and/or maintain these apps/chatbots?
  6. How much has been spent on this app/chatbot since the contract began?
  7. What is the duration of the contract and has it been extended?
  8. Please share any evaluation, review or report of the use of application or chatbot.
  9. Please indicate how these chatbots or apps contribute to public confidence.
  10. Please share the most recent force-level (NOT national level) document relating to how the force plans to gain or improve public confidence.
  11. Please share any official protocol or guidance for the use of the app or bot.


Please find attached (895A_21_attachment.pdf).