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Month: April 2021

Arrests and Charges (360A/21)

Please can you provide me with the statistics for

Number of arrests and charges brought against both male and females aged 13, 14, 15 and 16 across the West Midlands area between March 2020 – Feb 2021, and March 2019 – Feb 2020.

Please can you detail the nature of the charges.

Dog Thefts in Castle Vale (366A/21)

How many dogs have been reported as stolen in Castle Vale (or the division which contains Castle Vale if that information is more easily

accessible) and across the force area in the last 12 months (month by month and as recent as possible).

Vehicle Theft (326A/21)

Could you please provide me with information from 01/01/2020 – 31/12/20 on the following:

1. Vehicle theft numbers by manufacturer split by month
2. Vehicle theft numbers by type of vehicle (i.e. car, van, motorcycle)
3. Vehicle crimes by type of crime (i.e. vehicle theft, valuables stolen from vehicle, vandalism)
4. Any outcome data that you have (i.e. prosecution, unable to identify suspect)