Missing Children (9722_16)

Please find attached a Freedom of Information request to your police force concerning how you respond to reports of missing children. There is a particular focus on how you share information with statutory partners and others that a missing person coordinator or similar would be able to answer. Read more

Sarahs Law (11477_16)

The request is for information about the Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme also known as Sara’s Law
From October 2012 until October 2016 how many applications did West Midlands Police receive from people living in Coventry under the Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme?
How many resulted in information about a person’s criminal record being sent to the applicant?
How many were rejected?
If there were any which resulted in neither rejection nor information about criminal records being sent out what happened to them?
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Troubled Families (9812_16)

1. Please provide details of the agencies that have access to the information that a family has been attached to the Troubled Families Programme. (May I suggest a list.) For example, the DWP, the police, schools, etc. Read more