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Vehicle Tyres (10815_17)


I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and in respect of the policy your organisation has in relation to replacement of vehicle tyres. 

This might be on fleets directly managed or fleets managed on behalf of the organisation by an external provider or relate to the guidance or instruction given to employees or contractors in the event of a personal vehicle being used for a work purpose. 

Specifically I am interested to learn:

  1. What is the number of vehicles is owned by your organisation (vehicle fleets both directly managed by the organisation or by an external organisation)?
  2. What are the types of vehicle owned by your organisation (e.g. car, small delivery van, larger delivery vehicle, 4×4, special purpose vehicle etc.)?
  3. Is there a minimum tread depth at which tyres must be replaced? This might be at a tread depth greater than the 1.6mm legal minimum or it might be that drivers are reminded of the legal minimum.
  4. If an instruction is not in place, is there advice or guidance given and if so, what is that guidance?
  5. If the organisation has vehicles that provide an emergency response and/or have to contend with specific conditions, e.g. sometimes operate off-road, as well as vehicles involved in routine journeys, please provide details if there a variance between the instruction and/or advice given.
  6. If some or all of the vehicles used for a work purpose are managed by an external provider, please detail whether the policy on tyre replacement is that of your organisation or something in place from that provider.
  7. Please provide details of any related instructions and/or guidance related to tyres – for example (though not exhaustive) how regularly tyre checks (tread, wear, inflation, damage) should happen? whether winter tyres and summer tyres are used during the appropriate seasons? and so on.
  8. Please provide details if tyres used on vehicles for a work purpose have to be from an identified list of manufacturers or might be recommended to be from an identified list of manufacturers or whether there is more general guidance, e.g. ‘only premium tyres should be fitted’ or ‘budget tyres are not advised’. Please provide this information covering vehicles that might be directly managed or managed by an external provider or in the circumstance of a private vehicle being used for a work purpose – identifying any variance on the requirement or advice in every instance.


Please find attached our response.