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Union Flag outside Police Buildings (848A/20)


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would like to know what direction has been given by West  Midlands  Police  to  ensure  that  the  Union  Flag  is  flown  outside  police  buildings including Lloyd House on, and on how many:

1) days designated by DCMS for Union Flag Flying,

2) non-designated days, in 2019 and 2020.

Furthermore,  can  you name and  give  a  number  breakdown  of  how  many  times  non-Union  Flags  (to include  regional  flags, LGBT flag and  the  Commonwealth  flag)  have  been  flown  by  the force  outside of West Midlands Police buildings.


Please be advised that we do not keep records of such direction so unfortunately we are unable to directly answer these questions. However, in order to assist, we follow the guidance of the Department of Media, Culture and Sport. Where the Force has two flag poles, both the Force and the Union Flag are flown. Where there is only one flagpole, generally only the Force Flag is flown.


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