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Unconscious Bias Training (732A/20)


This is a FOI request to ask how many members of staff of your force have received unconscious bias training in each of the last five years. 


Completions for the two mandatory courses – Unconscious Bias (retired) and Understanding Unconscious Bias (current).  The figures as at 6.27am on 16 September 2020:


Year Completions
2016 70
2017 3556
2018 945
2019 763
2020 2292
TOTAL 7626

Please that in 2015 / 2016 the delivery method of this training was changed.  Currently and since this change all the training for Unconscious Bias is now completed through an online training method.  A package that the officer has to complete.  The figures for this package which has been reviewed and changed shows the number of completions of the package in that particular year.  Previous to 2016 the information is not held in a retrievable format and to give you any figure would be providing an inaccurate figure.



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