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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Tyre Tread Policy (13523_16)


Do you have a policy to change the tyres on your emergency vehicles when they reach a minimum tread depth?

Yes, we have a formal policy

We don’t have a formal policy but we do have an accepted practice which we follow in the majority of cases


If you have either a formal policy or accepted practice, at what tread depth do you have the tyres changed on your emergency vehicles?


1.7mm – 2mm

2.1mm- 2.5mm

2.6mm – 3mm

3.1mm – 3.5mm

3.6 mm – 4.0mm

Over 4mm

How many vehicles do you have in your fleet? (If possible, please provide breakdowns of makes and models used)


Please find attached our response.