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Training & Detention (4861_14)


  1. How much training do your police officers receive each year in first aid and self defence?
  2. Authorised Professional Practice (College of Policing – incorporating Guidance on Safer Detention and Handling of Persons in Police Custody) advocates police officers risk assess detainees from the point of arrest and take them to hospital if necessary – Do you expect your officers to adhere to this national policy and if so can you guarantee that they do so?


1. All officers receive a 2 day joint Personal Safety and First Aid training refresher every 1, 2 or 3 years dependant on their role, with those officers in front line roles receiving their training on the most regular basis (i.e. every year). Additionally those on the 2 and 3 year schedules will return on the intervening years for First Aid only refreshers as these need refreshing annually.

We also train a number of staff in a higher level of First Aid (e.g. Custody, Firearms officers), and they are refreshed every three years at the higher level.

2. West Midlands Police would expect all arresting officers to comply with our current Safer Detention Guidance in that they should be identifying potential High Risk detainees, and where relevant directing them to hospital at an early stage (A&E or Psychiatric). Officers are also encouraged to use available information to determine suitable transportation and a suitable custody suite if required.

Custody Sergeants are also required to make an initial dynamic screening risk assessment of the detainee as soon as practicable after their arrival at the police station in order to identify any such needs.


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