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Traffic Offence Reports (264_17)


I am aware that some police forces are no longer issuing ‘on the spot’ fixed penalty notices for road traffic offences but issuing a Road Traffic Report instead pending a later decision as to whether or not a prosecution takes place or if a National Driver Offender Retraining Course is suitable or appropriate.


Can you please confirm whether your force:

  1. Still issue fixed penalty notices
  2. Carry out the same or similar procedures.
  3. Currently still issue fixed penalty notices but will adopt a similar policy in the near future


Can you also provide:

  1. Full details of all or any National Driver Offender Retraining Courses offered to offenders e.  Full details of all service providers of these courses


West Midlands Police Fixed Penalty Notices were replaced by Traffic Offence Reports in 2013.


Courses within the West Midlands are provided by TTC, although offenders can opt to attend a course anywhere in the country with any of the providers. We offer the following driver education courses:


  • Speed Awareness
  • National Driver Alertness Course
  • What’s Driving Us
  • Drive 4 Change
  • Ride


More information can be found on the following website


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