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Ticket Touts (4605_14)

Request / Response

I’ve been looking at the ‘Safe ticket buying’ page on the FA Premier League website.  It claims that they “work closely with…. the police… in order to identify and prosecute ticket touts and to remove ticket tout websites.”  It also suggests that if you have bought a touted ticket or have been scammed by an unauthorised website, an option is to report the incident to the police.
What I’m trying to find out is:
– In what way, if at all, does West Midlands Police work with the FA Premier League?
There is no specific working relationship with regards to ticket touting
– How many incidents relating to football ticket sales were reported to West Midlands Police in 2013?
= 2
– What action, if any, came about through these incidents?
Ticket sales suspended and offender charged
– Does West Midlands Police carry out any pro-active work in relation to football ticket sales?
Yes, when necessary
– Is it West Midlands Police’s responsibility to bring prosecutions relating to ticket touting?
Yes (The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006)
– If so, how many prosecutions took place in 2013?
= 1