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Temporary Staff (215_14)


Please answer the following:

  1. What was the organisation’s total spend on temporary agency staff in the last year – either financial or calendar?  Please estimate if not known.
  2. Do you have a contract with a managed service provider for the supply of temporary staff?
  3. Is the managed service provider a master vendor, a neutral vendor or are temporary staff supplied through contracts with individual agencies?
  4. What was the contract start date and minimum duration?
  5. What potential contract extensions were specified if any e.g. 2 years or 1 year + 1 year etc?
  6. What is the name of the managed service provider?


Please find below our response.

1) 1,059,700 – this is for 2014 (to end of September)

2) – No, we use the Birmingham City Council Framework with suppliers ‘contracted;’ to that

3) – A managed service provider is not used (as above) , we approach the framework  suppliers ourselves

4) – 1/7/14 – 30/6/16

5) – None

6) – Not applicable


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