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I was wondering whether you could send me the information regarding Taser use in the West Midlands Police force for 2014, and if these figures aren’t available, perhaps an overall document for 2013, or the past decade.

How many times have Tasers been deployed and shot?

How many people have died from Taser use?

How many young people have been engaged with Taser use?


By young people, I mean those under the age of 18, and the amount of Taser-related incidences concerning this group of people.


Please find below our response.

Total Taser use 2014 – 883

There have been no fatalities due to taser use.

Taser use on young persons aged 17 and under for 2014 – 47

Each time a Taser is deployed, the use is recorded and a report is submitted. If two officers attend an incident and both draw their Tasers then two reports are submitted. This is the case even if only one of the Tasers is fired. The information above is taken from the reports submitted and does not necessarily indicate the number of incidents attended.  The data concerning age is produced from each record submitted. Therefore the data does not indicate the number of individuals of that age that have had a Taser deployed on them.


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