Student Crimes (1658_16)


How many persons have been arrested and/or reported for crimes in the last three years who were students studying at university/college?


NB – So this would be any perpetrator who listed their occupation as student, and were over 18 – to differentiate from students at school.


  1. Please provide the figures in calendar years (Jan-Dec) for: i)2013, ii) 2014 iii)2015


  1. For each year, please include how many of these persons were charged/given cautions.


3 i) For the year 2015 (only), please include a breakdown of crimes that students were arrested/reported for.


  1. ii) If possible, please include whether an individual was charged for the crimes listed – if this is not possible, (for instance, if it is too time consuming) – please just provide the information requested in the first part of this question (3i).


Please find attached our response.



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