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Stop by police while driving or stationary (1065A/20)



I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The request is outlined below in the most precise way possible. The request is in regards to being stopped by police while driving or being questioned by police while stationary.

 Is the driver legally obliged to provide name, address and date of birth, or any other information whenever a police officer requests for this at road side?

 Does the driver have right to refuse to provide such information under any circumstances, if not, what are the consequences if a driver refuses to do so, if any at all?

 Do police officers keep a any form of record of the conversations and actions even when no crime has been committed, if so, could you provide an example of such report? Could you also outline what is contained within the report?

 Can the driver request for this report at some point in future, if so, what is the process for requesting this report?

 Is this report accessible by any other police officers e.g. can this report be viewed by another officer at a different date if pulled over again for same reason or for another reason?

  Is the report recorded under the vehicle reg. or driver, or both?

 How long is this report retained on the police system and accessible by officers?


Please find attached our response.