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Speeding Offences (4706_14)


I refer to the Strategic policing and crime board document dated 4th February 2014 circulated widely on twitter yesterday by the PCC for the West Midlands.

1. 40,705 offences detected, but only 33,510 notices of prosecution sent out by the ticket office. Can you elaborate on why no action has been taken on the remaining 7,195 offending drivers or registered owners as this seems to be a lot of drivers evading the law.

2. From the 33,510 notices of prosecution sent out, only 7,933 drivers undertook a speed awareness course. Can you explain what happened to the missing 25,577 drivers?

3. Where I live there are a great number of foreign registered cars parked up in residential streets and they have been in this country for some time. I understand they should be registered at DVLA after 6 months but it is obvious they are not doing this. Is any action taken by the camera team when a foreign registered vehicle is caught on a speed camera with the same vigour as a UK registered vehicle? (for the speeding offence, and/or the DVLA breach).


Please find attached our response.

Please note that a Freedom of Information request is not the appropriate way to report an offence. Clearly if you are aware that an offence is being committed you should report it using the webpage below: