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Speeding (19158/18)


1 How many cars and Lorries with a NON GB and Ireland number plate have been caught speeding ON Speed cameras static or mobile?

  1. What is the total figure in pounds ££) of the value of fines issued.

3, How much of these fines has been collected in pounds £

  1. Please provide these figure by year for last 5 years and broken down by Cars and Lorries.
  2. By year please provide the fastest speed a CAR and Lorry were recorded travelling on a motorway, 60 mile an hour limit road, 40 mile an hour road, 30 mile an hour road.


We do not process any offences of vehicles bearing foreign number plates as we do not have access to addresses to enable us to send the notices out.  However the Central Motorway Police Group which is made up of West Midlands and Staffordshire Police do carry out on the spot fines for foreign drivers. West Midlands Police officers do not deal with these fines, Therefore this information is not held by West Midlands Police.However you may wish to contact Staffordshire Police who may hold this information.


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