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Speed Awareness (4864/14)


I would greatly appreciate you forwarding on my request for the criteria regarding the speed awareness course using the freedom of information act.


Driving above the designated speed limit is not only unsafe, but it is also illegal. West Midlands Police have the right to prosecute all those who are breaking this law. Prior to the 13th January 2014 the criteria for speed awareness for any offences were 10% +7mph, after the 13th January 2014 the criteria changed to 10% +9mph. We understand the existing recommendation from ACPO is 10% + 9mph, however, this criterion is provided as guidance only. It does not remove the right for local authorities to set their own speed thresholds.
We have also included the eligibility criteria for admittance to a speed awareness course below;

    • Clients must have a driving licence. This includes full or provisional driving licences issued in any country.
    • Clients must not have attended a speed awareness workshop within the last three years or are already waiting to attend one.
    • Clients must be able to pay the £85 tuition fee in full. Payment instructions will be sent once the workshop has been arranged. The £85 is non refundable.
    • Clients must be able to attend a workshop within 120 days of the alleged offence

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