Specially Trained Officers (4800)


1. Does the force have a specialist unit for investigating rape and serious sexual assault?
If so:
a). How many officers are currently working in the unit – please provide numbers by rank eg 3 police constables, 5 detective sergeants?
b). Has this staffing level increased or decreased in the last 3 years (or since the unit was set up, if this was less than three years ago) By how much?
2. How many of the force’s officers are specially trained in sexual offences?
3. Of the force’s specially-trained officers, how many work solely on sexual offences?
4. What does the specialist sexual offence training consist of?
5. Is it force policy that rape and serious sexual offences may only be investigated by specially trained officers, or may these be investigated by other officers on occasions?
6. What training in sexual offences is received by front-line (uniformed, non specialist) officers?
7. Are early evidence kits used by the force in sexual offence cases and if so, which officers carry them (eg front-line officers or specially-trained officers only)


Please find attached our response (4800_Attachment_01).



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