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This is an FOI request to your police department that seeks to clarify how and why the police are using social media to connect and communicate with the public. Within this field I will focus on the money and allocation of resources devoted to social media channels.

My questions are as follows:

1. What is the intended purpose of employing or operating a social media channel via twitter or facebook etc? Do you have a mission statement?

2. Do you have a specific role within your department for social media communications? If so what is the name of that role? If not who is responsible for updating social media channels (e.g. facebook updates, twitter statements)

3. Does your authority pay social media companies or experts to handle your public communications? Please provide a list of companies/consultants you have used in the past and present.

4. How does the company/individual select stories to publish? Do you have a set of guidelines to follow (or the equivalent)?

5. What is the salary of these social media consultants? How many hours do they work per week?

6. Are employees operating the social media channels set targets to reach a certain number of followers or level of interaction with the public?


Please see attached (4674_attachment_01.pdf).



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