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Signing NIP (3174/15)


Following viewing another FOI request on WDTK I was led to your website

On the following page

It is stated:What Happens Next?
“Complete the Form but Not Sign It

There are many myths surrounding speeding fines and this remains one of the most popular. If you fail to sign the form, or fail to correctly fill out any section, the form will be returned to you. You will then have 28 days in which to complete the form in its entirety.

Failure to do so will see prosecution brought against you for failing to supply details of the driver. You will then be sent a Court Summons.”

There is no legal requirement for a registered keeper to sign the form sent out? By signing the form, the registered keeper enters into a legally binding contract…

Can you please clarify your claim that is placed upon this website and highlight what legislation you may feel requires a registered keeper to sign the NIP form, as I find it absolutely disgusting that misinformation is being disseminated in such an appalling manner.


Please consult Idris Richard Francis vs Director of Public Prosecutions.


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