Shift Patterns (5129_15)


I am researching the impact that various shift patterns have to officers mental and physical welfare, and their private lives. I am requesting two pieces of information;

1) Please may I request an example of your forces emergency response shift pattern. By emergency response I refer to those officers whose main primary role is to respond to incidents ‘fast time, rather than neighbourhood or specialist policing. If the pattern is rosetted over 5/10 weeks, please provide the whole pattern, to allow better comparison nationally.

2) In addition, if it is available, please could you provide the rationale behind your forces current shift pattern (eg business needs/resourcing/officer welfare), and if any changes have been made, considered or being researched?


Please find attached a summarised response shift pattern (5129_attachment.pdf) which details shifts as Early, Late, Super Late (weekends to cover Night Time Economy hours), Night & Training Day.

This pattern may vary between Local Policing Units but only marginally (e.g. weekend late shifts may start & finish slightly earlier on LPUs with no Night Time Economy but the basic pattern is the same).

Although we don’t have document that officially records the rationale, I have been informed that a combination of factors are considered along with given constraints. Obviously the biggest factor is demand as the pattern would not be feasible if it did not meet demand, with Working Time Regulation compliance being the other necessity. Officer welfare is considered alongside this and through full consultation prior to the pattern being implemented.



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