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Sharia Incidents (3786_15)


I would like the following information for the financial years 2013/14 and 2014/15:


Entries on your command and control incident system, where the initial incident detail contains the phrases ‘sharia court’, or `sharia council’ or `sharia law’.


For each incident please provide the month/year, a summary of the incident including an explanation of the relevance of the words ‘sharia court’, ‘sharia council’ or ‘sharia law’ to the incident, details of any arrests, whether or not a crime was subsequently recorded and what the offence(s) was/were, and the outcome of any investigation. If a sharia court/council was the location of the incident in question please give the name/address of the court/council.


There are two recorded incidents one in November 2013 and the other in June 2014


Incident 1- Caller reporting 2 males petitioning to get Shariah Law holding signs saying ‘no loud music’ ‘women must wear Hijabs/Burkas’ – no offences- no further action taken


Incident 2- Male on train platform shouting ‘Shariah Law is coming to this country’ and being abusive – passed to British Transport Police


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