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Sex Offenders (4362_13)

Request / Response

– How many registered sex offenders are there in the West Midlands area?
– Can you please provide a breakdown of the numbers by area?

The attached table provides RSO, Community and Custody figures, by Local Policing Unit as for 2012 and 2013

DY- Dudley
SW – Sandwell
WS – Walsall
WV – Wolverhampton
CV – Coventry
SH – Solihull
BW – Birmingham West/Central
BE – Birmingham East
BN – Birmingham North
BE – Birmingham East
MST HQ- Mappa Support HQ (custody, wanted missing cases and deported)

– What are the most and least serious offences for which these offenders have been registered?

Offenders are registered upon conviction / caution for offences as detailed in the Sexual Offences Act 2003 dependant upon certain criteria being fulfilled (eg age of victim, age of offender, sentence imposed).

As to what are the most and least serious of these offences, the Freedom of Information Act applies to recorded information and not subjective judgement. All sexual offences are serious and we are not able to categorise them as more serious or less serious.

The below link categorises all offences from a CPS viewpoint:

More information on MAPPA is available on the following website


FOI Request 4362-13