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Sex Crimes (11111_16)


  1. For each calendar year from 2011, the total number of recorded sex crimes against children where the primary location is educational and where university and college have been omitted from the search parameters by:
  2. a) Gender of victim(s)
  3. b) Age of victim (s)
  4. c) Age of perpetrator (s)
  5. d) Type of crime, e.g.  rape, sexual assault, sexual activity with a child, exposure, abuse of trust, voyeurism and sexual grooming


  1. For each calendar year since 2011, recorded sex crimes committed by U18’s against other U18’s by:
  2. a) Age of perpetrator(s)
  3. b) Age of victim(s).


Please find attached our response and note that we are unable to exclude colleges from the search parameters as this would exclude any secondary schools with college in the title


0002_11111_ATTACHMENT_1 11111_ATTACHMENT_1 0001_11111_ATTACHMENT_1_01