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Seized Property (3173_15)


Procedures for property seized under S19 of PACE

Can you please provide me with the information you store, which outlines the Procedures in place for handling of property seized under S19 of PACE.

To clarify this request I will put the following example:

A police officer is to seize a mobile telephone from a member of the public, as said device stores a video of an incident.

What procedures for the storage of said device must be taken.

At what point must the device be placed into a sealed evidence bag?

When at a station, where must said evidence be stored? – If this differs between stations, I will further clarify that I am interested to know where the device should be stored in Coventry Little Park Street station.

What authorisation do officers have to destroy video recordings on said device?

If an officer were to delete footage / format a memory card… (perhaps because he was hoping to ‘make anything [he] wants to stick’)… What repercussions could happen as a result of this?

How many of your staff have been found to have falsified/tampered with evidence within the last five years…?  Of these staff, how many faced formal criminal charges (as tampering with evidence is surely a criminal act)?


Please find attached our response.