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Security Measures (4102/17)


I should like to request the following information

  1. Your organization’s policy on paying for additional security measures for your staff in response to a perceived threat (that is a direct consequence of the nature of doing the role of a police officer), to their personal security including when off duty or on the way to work. To provide clarity on these I offer some examples but this isn’t meant to an exhaustive list
  1. Increasing lightening at personal addresses
  2. Panic Alarms
  3. CCTV at personal addresses
  4. Costs of running a 2nd car if the identity of normal car has been comprised
  5. Extra mileage costs due to increased mileage due to the need to take longer route to work
  6. Blackened out windows in personal cars

Could I please ask that the information you provide contains at least the following

  1. The level of perceived threat before your organization will consider any payment
  2. The sort of items you will pay and the sort you won’t
  3. The limits on any payments
  4. What proof do staff have to produce to demonstrate the expense incurred?
  5. Are officers obligated or advised to take insurance to cover any expense incurred by a heightened security threat that might be a consequence of the nature of doing the role of a police officer


I am writing to inform you that we have searched our records and the information you requested is not held by West Midlands Police.  We do not hold a specific policy regarding this, however we do issue advice to our staff regarding threats.


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