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Secondary Investigator Role (4/16)


Please can you provide me with the following information:

– – How many people does your force currently employ in secondary investigator roles, i.e. those involved in the active investigation of crime after an initial report has been taken/initial information is received?

– – Of those, how many are
1) Detective Constables
2) Police Constables
3) Civilian staff (non-warranted staff or Police staff)

– Within which teams and departments do you currently employ or use civilian investigators? For example; Serious Crime, Volume Crime, Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse Investigation, etc.
– Please provide a breakdown of how many of these investigators of each type there are within each team/department.
– Of the Civilian staff, how many of them are:
a) Employed directly by your force
b) Employed by a third party and/or engaged by a third party agency
Please provide information as to which third party companies provide staff to your force.


Please find attached our response.