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School Road , Moseley (23041_18)


Birmingham City Council is proposing to close access to all traffic at the top of School Road, Moseley, and Birmingham. This closure is scheduled to take place in spring 2019 and last for at least six months. 

Please, could you provide details of any impact assessment you have carried out on how this proposal will impact the ability to attend emergency calls? Could you also provide any detail on financial implications this might have route planning?


Please find enclosed our response.

West Midlands police have had no involvement or carried out any assessments or being involved in the planning or decision making in relation to this. Therefore we do not have any recorded information.

It may be that the Highways England and Council may hold relevant information. To assist I have provided contact details for these agencies.

High­ways Eng­land

National Traf­fic Oper­a­tions Cen­tre
3 Ridge­way
Quin­ton Busi­ness Park
Birm­ing­ham B32 1AF


General enquiries 0300 123 5000

Birmingham City Council

Corporate Information Management Team
PO Box 16366
Birmingham B2 2YY