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Safety Camera Scheme (433_15)


Community Road Safety Speed Camera Scheme.

1. At a Strategic level, does the Scheme operate to any road safety objectives or income generation targets. If so, what are these and are they published?

2. As a matter of policy are the siting of speed detection devices subject to any community risk assessment criteria or thresholds, for example the number of road collisions, deaths or injuries? If so what are these and are they published.

3. At an operational level, do staff work to any performance targets or quotas, for example speed reduction targets or the number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued?


1. We strive to continue reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads by targeting the fatal 4 offences of Drink Driving, No Seat Belt, No Insurance & Illegal Use of Mobile phones (we do not have targets).

2. We abide by ACPO and DFT guidelines for all of our mobile enforcement sites, and these guidelines are published by those associations.

3. We do not have any performance targetsĀ or quotas.


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