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Rural Crime (5444_14)


  1. Does your police force have a definition of ‘Rural Crime’ that it works to? If yes what is that definition?
  1. Does your police force have a specific rural crime policy or strategy?

If yes please provide me with a copy of that policy or strategy. If this is not possible please tell me why and indicate whether that policy or strategy makes specific mention of counterfeit plant protection products (pesticides).


We do not work to a specific definition in respect of Rural Crime.

The terms of reference we adopt relates to ‘Wildlife Crime’ as per the NWCU website.

West Midlands Police terms of reference for Wildlife Crime are as follows:

Investigate crimes against wildlife and the environment proportionately utilising all available methods

Monitor events regarding rural affairs which may impact on wildlife crime

Gather intelligence relating to wildlife crime and disseminate accordingly

Work with partners to combat, detect and prevent wildlife crime through a network of support

Support the national strategy through WMP working practices

Educate colleagues, partners and communities in relation to our responsibilities to responding to wildlife crime

Ensure our response maintains the trust and confidence of our partners and communities by delivering a professional and relevant service, utilising a robust communications strategy.


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