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Religious Attacks (3626_15)


In the recent Statistical Bulletin by the Home Office on hate crimes in April 2013 to March 2014 (please see:, the report states (in Appendix Table 1.02) that there were 87 religious hate crimes in the West Midlands Police force area.

I would like to obtain information about how many of these religious hate crimes relate to Islamophobia.


The information below is the recorded faiths of the victims of religious hate crimes as detailed in the Statistic Bulletin by the Home Office. However, please note that this does not indicate the number of Islamophobic hate crimes but is the closest data that we hold to your request. For example, a person may have received Islamophobic abuse, but their religion may be Christianity. Their Christian faith would have been recorded on our systems, rather than the type of abuse they received.

Count of Crime Reference
Victim Religion Description Total
Agnostic 1
Christianity 8
Hinduism 4
Islam 33
Judaism 1
Sikhism 7
Unknown 33
Grand Total 87



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