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Racism Complaints (4584_14)


Summary details of all incidents in which a member of police staff made a complaint that another member of police staff behaved in a racist manner (the complaint does not have to allege that the complainant was the victim of the behaviour – the victim could be the complainant, another member of staff, a member of the public, or there could be no victim).

For each incident please provide: the year the complaint was made; summary details of the complaint; whether the complaint was substantiated/unsubstantiated/dispensed with/withdrawn/subject to local resolution; and if substantiated, what disciplinary action was undertaken as a result.

My preferred format to receive this information is in xls spreadsheet format. Please tab delineate the spreadsheet with the following column headings: Year; Summary Details; Handling; Disciplinary (If Any).


Please find attached our response in an excel spreadsheet as requested (4584_Attachment_01)