Public Liability Insurance (120_14)


I’m interested to know what insurance West Midlands police have in place for public liability.

Please include the limit of liability, excess or deductible, broker, premium (per annum or other, please state), brokerage and wording.


My first choice would be the current policy details. If that cannot be revealed then last year’s or a recent policy would be helpful.


Please find below our response.

I can confirm West Midlands Police currently has a public liability policy in place with a limit of indemnity totalling £50m.

There is a policy deductible amounting to £250,000 for each and every loss.

The policy terms and conditions are extensive but in line with standard market wordings and conditions for such risks

The current premium payable at renewal was combined across a policy which covers a multitude of liabilities (including employers liability) and so we are unable to confirm the precise split between the respective classes of business (ie. The split for Public Liability).


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